Sen. Joseph Biden (Co-Chair, Senate Foreign Relations Committee)   202 224 5042
Sen. San Brownback (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)              202 224 1265
Sen. Robert Byrd (Senate Armed Services Committee)                      202 224 3954
Sen. Hillary Clinton (Senate Armed Services Committee)                   202 228 0282
Sen. Jon Corzine (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)                    202 224 4744
Sen. Lindsey Graham (Senate Armed Services Committee)               202 224 3808
Sen. Chuck Hagel (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)                  202 224 5213
Sen. Carl Levin (Senate Armed Services Committee, Chairman)         202 224 1388
Sen. Joseph Lieberman (Senate Armed Services Committee)            202 224 9750
Sen. Richard Lugar (Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Chairman)202 228 0360
Rep. Duncan Hunger (Armed Services Committee, Chairman)            202 225 5672
Rep. Ike Skelton (Armed Services Committee, Ranking)                    No Fax
Rep. Timothy Ryan (Armed Services Committee)                              202 225 3719
Rep. J.D. Hayworth (Ways and Means)                                           202 225 4036
Rep. Charles Rangel (Ways and Means)                                          202 225 0816

State Department
Sec. Richard Armitage (All)  2201 C St. NW, Washington DC  20520
Sec. Stephen Cambone
Amb. Paul Bremer

Defense Department
Sec. Paul Wolfowitz (All) The Pentagon, Washington DC 20301
Gen. John Abzaid
Gen. Richard Myers
Sec. Donald Rumsfield

United Nations
Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi United Nations Plaza, New York, NY  10017

Iraqi Interim Government
Dr. Ibrahim Jafari, Deputy President (All)<>
Sheikh Ghazi Jail Al-Yawar, President of Iraq
Dr. Rowsch Shawys, Deputy President of Iraq
Dr. Alawi, Prime Minister

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