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Who Lost Iraq?

Assyria: The Islamic Republic of Iraq?

Saddam's Human Rights?

Japan Steps Up To The Plate - 5 Billion Dollars for Iraq!

Please Don't Go!

Don't Trust the Vote in Iraq!

Christians Shut Out Of National Conference As Refugees hit 40,000!

Iraq's Silent Majority Intimidated!

The Islamic Republic Of Iraq - Who Speaks for the People!

Postpone The Iraqi Election For The Sake Of Democracy!

The Assyrian Christians Fight Back

Fight Back with the Five R's!!

Defeat Out of Victory

The Five R's

Four Assyrian Christian Churches Bombed In Iraq in Long Predicted Attack!  - Plus: Terrorist Statement on Arabic Website (Translated)

Christians Shut Out Of Election Process in Iraq

Massacre in Baghdad: Children 6 and 16 Killed in Irag!

Secret Report Details Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq!

Ronald Reagan Was Right!

Memories of Ronald Reagan

The Black Mind

Terrorists Kill Two More Assyrian Christians - Sisters in Basra!

And Nobody Said "Thank You"!

It Is Up To Us: The Leaders Have Failed!

Good News from Iraq! Facts & Figures!

Exodus of Christians from Iraq Begins!

US Taxpayer Money Funding Propogation of Islam in Iraq!

A D Day for Iraq?

The Assyrian Regional Government Basic Law

Ethnic Cleansing in New Interim Government in Iraq!

Shame and Glory in Iraq

Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations: Assyrian Administrative Area

It Takes A Lot of Nerve!

Time for the "S" Word in Iraq! STOP the Handover!

Iraq One Year Later - Thank You America!

Not So Fast Mr. Bremer! 550 Young Men and Women did not Die to Create an Islamic Government

Sawama, Free Iraq

Assyrian Churchman's Eventful Sunday in Iraq

Iraqis Against Muslim State

Civil War, Iraq and the Elections

Ice Cream in Baghdad?

Baghdad, Free Iraq

We Got Him!

June Is Too Soon -- The Iraqi People Must Not Be Betrayed!

Iraq Constitutional Committee: We Do Not Want an Islamic Constitution -
Why Are The Americans Not Supporting Us In This?

- United Press International

What Iraqis Really Think

Poll Suggests Most in Baghdad Don't Want Troops to Leave Too Quickly

Commentary: Don't Give the UN Control in Iraq

Commentary: Iraq Must Be Secular
- United Press International

Commentary: Letter from Baghdad
- United Press International

BACK IN BAGHDAD, September 2003 URGENT APPEAL!! The Assyrian Christian Community worldwide is uptting out a worldwide appeal for assistance to the Christian Community worldwide and organization and individual committed to freedom of thought, democracy and the rule of law.

The Miracle!
How many times has something happened that messed up your schedule causing you to react in fury and anger? Often, right?
Well, it just happened to me! Having been in and out of Baghdad since February I was supposed to go back to Baghdad on Monday the 18th of August.

We Hope The Americans Stay Forever! It is dusk in Baghdad and I am talking to the regular group of men who gather near the house I am staying in to talk about the days events. "What do you think about the Americans? How long do you think they should stay? Are they doing a good job?" The answer is very complicated while at the same time very, very simple. It is the "politically correct" thing to do to complain about the Americans, say they are not wanted and tell them to "go home."

God Bless America In the current debate over what should happen to post-Sadaam Iraq one very important success story has been forgotten which I believe holds much of the key to what will complete the success that has been Iraq.

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